Lancaster Lindy Circle

The LLC Summer Festival of Tasters!

Every summer at Lancaster Lindy Circle, we like to do things just a little differently, and this year is no exception. For five weeks this summer our Thursday classes will be dedicated to topics which are a little unusual – be that a new style of dance you may not have tried before, or a fancy new set of tricks which the teachers find hard to weave into a normal class structure! There is something here for everyone, whether you have done a couple of our beginner blocks or if you are part of our furniture. It’s a bit like a five week long dance festival….

All classes will be 55 minutes long with the usual social dancing time afterwards. £5 for two classes, and £4 for one, with discounts for concessions. There is one exception to this, on 11th August when we are running one longer class, which will be £5 for the whole evening (with usual concession discount). Class descriptions for each week are as follows:

28th July:

7.30pm – Musicality. Learn about dancing with the music – a fundamental part of Lindy Hop! You should have done one or two beginner blocks at least, and have started to social dance, but this will benefit everyone!

8.30pm – Tandem Charleston Variations. You must know how to get into and out of tandem, as we won’t be covering this, but as long as you know this, come and learn some fancy additions to this fun move!

4th August:

7.30pm – Solo Jazz. Come and learn some fundamental solo jazz moves – great fun and brilliant for your Lindy hop! Suitable for absolute beginners.

8.30pm – Dips and Tricks. Fancy finishing moves and nifty little tricks for show offs abound in this class. You should have done at least a couple of beginner blocks and have started to social dance.

11th August:

All evening – AERIALS! Come and learn to fly to LLC as our expert aerialists take you through some entry level aerials! You must find a partner for this class as we will NOT be rotating partners. You should have completed at least a couple of beginner blocks and have started to social dance. If you need to find a partner, drop us or Becky Gordon (one of your fancy pants aerials teachers) a line via Facebook or come and speak to us in class and we’ll see if we can do some matchmaking!

18th August:

7.30pm – Styling for Leads and Follows. Start your journey to find your signature dancing style, and work on styling up your basic moves. You should have completed at least a couple of beginner blocks and have started to social dance.

8.30pm – Speedy Lindy. Scared of the fast tracks? This is the class for you! Learn the tricks of fast dancing and how to practice so as to get better at speed dancing. You should be fairly confident social dancing and ready to kick it up a notch.

25th August:

7.30pm – Balboa. Learn the basics of this beautiful swing dance from 1930s California (if you aren’t sure what it is, you’ve probably seen Chris and Suzi do it at some point, so go and ask them or have a look here) Suitable for absolute beginners.

8.30pm – Rock and Roll. Not sure what to do when a rock and roll track comes on at a dance? Come and find out! Suitable for absolute beginners.


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